Always forward

Searching for a love partner in online dating websites offers an undoubtable advantage, as it allows us to calmly explore the profiles of those single women (or men!) that we consider interesting. Thus, we can learn a few things about them and decide whether they look the right candidate or not according to our tastes and expectations before initiating a contact via Live chat. After this exploratory phase where we stick to profiles, come the first interactions: they will provide more information and enable us to choose who we really want to date in real life. At this stage, we probably feel hopeful, excited, maybe even a bit in love, and face the meeting with the logical jitters, but also enthusiastically.

All that previous knowledge and interaction are great advantages that smooth some obstacles, favoring success in dates achieved through online dating websites. According to some sources, over 30% of today's couples met thanks to the Internet, and they take less than half the time to get married, relative to "conventionally formed" couples. In spite of it all, the possibility exists that your date does not work, and turns out to be a great disappointment. Love chemistry and friendship chemistry are very real, and other factors can also influence the exchange in a negative way, and mess it all up.

No matter how hard the fall, we must neither take it as a sort of inescapable personal failure, nor think that for us it will always be thus. On the contrary, a desirable attitude would focus on overcoming the setback coolly and optimistically, considering what happened as a chance to learn something useful for future dates. This allows us to improve ourselves and keep going forward in our love online search. Excessive regrets, feeling sorry for yourself or distribuiting a share of guilt is no good, but contemplating any situation in life as an opportunity (and in a positive mood!) does help to achieve what we want, and to grow personally along the way.

Benedetti said that if you are unable to win your beloved's heart, it is only your fault, but this verse should not be taken literally: that is poetry. Let us not ignore, however, signals that point to our own errors and mistakes; there will certainly be something that we could do better, maybe not to let ourselves get carried away by looks, or not to rush in fixing the first date. In this regard, two heads are better than one: the opinion of someone that knows you well, and whom you can trust, can be very helpful if you decide to share the experience honestly, and with an open mind for suggestions and criticism.

There is yet another benefit of meeting single women (and men) through dating websites: emotional implication during the first exchanges is usually low or well under control, which in turn means that you will feel a lesser degree of frustration, disappointment or pain if things go awry. Therefore, leaving the relationship aside, accepting rejection or stating our lack of interest are made easier, and we can dedicate our energies in full to look for another person who will hopefully become our dream single.

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