Proliferation of dating websites is leading many of the singles who try their luck in them to wonder if online dating success is really possible. Some of the factors involved are clearly beyond their means, i.e. the fact that the large number of profiles available makes decision taking difficult, or some individuals being prone to lying or hiding information about themselves. However, there are other elements where improvement is possible in order to increase the likelihood of finding love in the Internet.

Among those things that single women (and women in general) find attractive, and that should be remembered by single men looking for a partner, some are easier to learn or boost than others. Let us start with those you can achieve or improve easily: take a look and check if you have already mastered them or, on the contrary, could start practicing on a few.

. Women appreciate a lot displays of spontaneity, joy and humour: there is nothing like being able to make a woman laugh if you want her to like you, and being able to laugh at oneself is also of great value. No extreme attitude is recommended: no need to play the fool, spend the whole evening telling jokes or being unable to speak seriously.

. Being able to make balanced decisions, resourceful, eminently practical, looking trouble in the face and know how to adapt when needed... these skills usually impress women. Impulsiveness, ineficiency, avoidance or not confronting problems, hesitation, inflexibility or stubborness when you are not getting positive results, are attitudes you would better avoid.

. On the other hand, the worldly Latin single is attractive to women. This includes being socially skilled, getting by well in different environments and with diverse types of people, speaking other languages and/or knowing other countries and cultures first hand.

. Self-sufficiency, independency, responsibility, being able to take charge of your own life: women do not like men that depend too much on others help or advice, procrastinate, cannot or will not assume their personal responsibilities and see to their own needs, etc.

. This includes looking after oneself, both in the health and personal care arenas, and those skills the beautiful sex finds so endearing (and useful): making minor repairs at home, being able to fix a car or device, manage your personal finances and money, cook and buy efficiently, etc.

. When starting a relationship through an online dating site, do your best to turn the time you spend together into real quality time -ignore your cellphone, leave aside work and other sources of stress, etc. and propose activities you both can enjoy.

Of course nobody is perfect! Those who aspire to perfection or search for a perfect partner are definitely mistaken. Nevertheless, the will to improve oneself is always praiseworthy and yields evident personal benefits in the short and long run: it does not only give you advantages for success in your online love search!

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