Ten Helpful Tips On How To Find That Special Someone For The First Date

As a Christian single ready to start a family, you know the value of finding a good Christian mate. You know that your soul mate is out there, and that he or she will be a lot like you. The attributes you look for are important.

  • A person of integrity
  • Someone with the same moral compass that you possess
  • A sincere person with a kind heart
  • A true Christian that looks to the Lord first in their life
  • Someone who, like you, wants to date with the intention of marriage

When the stakes are this high, you have to be very selective. You cannot simply date anyone unless he or she is a candidate for a great husband or wife who will make a great father or mother. In order to avoid wasted time and disappointment, there are steps that you can take before you reach the dating stage. The following ten online dating tips will greatly enhance your experience on koreanchristiansingles.com.

Dating Tips for Christian Women

As a woman, you are particularly vulnerable to those who prey upon the innocent. There are more dangers for women simply because there are more predators looking for women.

1. Take your time:

Even though you may be eager to start your new life, finding that first date is not a race, so slow down. Dating for marriage is one of the most important steps that you will take in your quest to find the perfect Christian man for you. The goal is to get to know the person you date before the first date ever takes place. The most successful members spend months and even a year or more getting to know the men they are corresponding with on koreanchristiansingles.com before they take that important first step in personal interaction.

2. Follow the Safety Advice:

The safety advice given on this site is completely researched and is the product of years of input from women who have been through the process. Before you even accept a first date, know the safety tips inside and out.

3. Know what to Look For in a Dating Prospect:

By the time you get to the dating stage, you should be relatively sure the Christian man you are considering has what it takes to be a good husband. One way to do this is to skip ahead and read the articles and posts on our blog that relate to the future, such as “Happy Christian Marriage Tips.” These types of articles will speak to the attributes of what it takes to be happy in marriage. This will give you greater insight of what to look for in a Christian man whom you intend to date.

4. Reading Between the Lines

Based on profile criteria and other factors, koreanchristiansingles.com will present you with profiles that are the best match for you. We use advanced industry techniques proven to provide you with excellent choices, taking on a ton of the preliminary footwork for you. Even so, you must be careful and really get to know those to whom you are attracted. Take it slow and read between the lines. Listen carefully to what your contacts say in casual conversation because it is there that they reveal so much more of themselves, usually without meaning to do so. Look for contradictions, falsehoods, and things that just do not seem right to you as well as for those attributes that you want in a Christian man.

Online Dating Tips for Men

5. Be Real

This applies not only to your search for the perfect Christian woman for you but also to how you present yourself to the world. As men, you tend to present your strengths and hide your weaknesses. It is part of what makes a man... a man. The thing is, women do not see what men deem as a weakness... as weakness. Women see a man’s flaws as proof that men are real people and that they are confident enough with who they are not to hide anything. A good Christian woman knows that crying during sad movies or being embarrassed at coming in second place in a sport is tough for a man but not a weakness... it is a strength, especially if you are man enough to admit to them.

6. Be Respectful

There are men who deem women not as equals but as something less. If you are this type of man, it may be time to re-evaluate your faith and take this to the Lord in prayer. Be respectful of women at all times. A good Christian woman has earned that respect many times over. Women as a general rule appreciate men who respect their wishes and their opinions. If you feel the Bible places you in a higher esteem than women, you may need a better translation. Treat women with respect and you will attract many wonderful Christian women from who to choose to date.

7. Have Faith

Take your time, view the profiles carefully, and never lose faith that the Christian woman of your dreams is out there waiting for you. When we place our burdens on the Lord, our lives become easier. He will provide as long as we have faith and go slowly.

Online Dating Profile Tips for Men and Women

8. Choose a good profile photo:

Read our advice post on how to choose the best photo. You want to put your best foot forward, but not at the expense of escaping reality. Use a current photo of yourself. It is not fair to use a photo that is ten years old. What you deem as a flaw usually is not deemed that way by those who look for more than just what is on the outside.

9. Be Completely Honest

We know that most Christian men and women do not lie as a general rule; however, a half-truth is also a half lie. Being brutally honest may be painful, but when you finally begin the dating process, it will not be on a pretense. Do not worry... the people you meet on koreanchristiansingles.com are real, understanding Christians that would rather know the truth.

10. Have Fun

We speak to safety and caution abundantly on this website because we care about you. There is a point; however, where you can lose sight of what dating is supposed to be all about. Sharing a good time with someone that you enjoy being with. In essence, do not lose sight of the fact that dating is supposed to be fun, including profile building.

If you apply all of the safety tips and use your God given common sense, you can let go and have a little fun. When we are having a good time, we reveal more about whom we really are than at any other time. Enjoy every aspect of your Christian online dating experience, including building your profile. Smile, and just have some fun!

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