Share it, and stand to gain

Like most singles have already done or will soon do, you have decided to try an online dating website targeted to the Latin community to look for love in Internet. Congratulations, it is a great way to widen your chances to find that special person you would like to share your life with. If you have yet initiated contact with any single man/woman whose profile attracts you, or that has been recommended to you by the dating website, and things seem to be working well, you probably wish to meet him/her in person: that is the only available option to check whether reality matches the virtual impression you have gained of him/her.

Sometimes, a first quick informal date is the ideal way to make that "reality test", and be certain that you want to get to know that single further. This method can save you time and deceptions; even if he/she is a sincere and well-intentioned individual, chemistry might not work for you. When distance is not an issue, meeting over a cup of coffee is a good plan; do not forget, however, to take those safety precautions recommended in online dating websites: after all, you are dealing with an unknown someone, and should not trust blindly the first impressions generated through web contacts.

Once the "reality test" has been successfully passed, there is a great way to obtain valuable information about that person being or not "your type"/a good match for you: organizing a collective outing with your friends and their respective partners. This strategy should look perfectly natural in the eyes of any single searching for a partner and who, hopefully, has friends he/she can trust. In real life, when we meet someone we like and feel interested in, it does not take us too long to introduce him/her to our friends, and we extract very useful information from the way they, and even we, behave in the group.

What is more, after the meeting our friends will usually have lots of things to say about that person, as long as we keep an open attitude and welcome their contributions. These will normally be disinterested, offering new points of view and interpretations about the single we are dating, and whether the arrows of the Love Cupid struck a good shot this time. If we trust our friends, their comments will not fall on deaf ears: we will pay due attention to them, and think them over.

The same applies to those members of our family we especially trust, or that know us better. Organizing a collective family outing should possibly be put off until a later moment, once we clearly feel that we are very interested in that person... Anyway, if your dream single man or woman is unwilling to go out with your friends or, in a more advanced stage, meet some of your family members, take it as a very bad sign: you should seriously reconsider the convenience of going ahead with the relation.

Do not forget to bring out your relationship and share it with people who love and know you well: you will certainly stand to gain.

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